Extreme Fusion Gaming

Social but tactical gamers who enjoy challenging gameplay

We're a social group of tactical gamers. We enjoy challenging gameplay alongside friendly chat. We were founded in March 2010. The social experience is our most important element.


Our central goal is to enable all our members to have fun, while socialising with friends. To this end, tactics and teamplay are integral. Tactics raise the level of engagement with gameplay, encouraging us to think, persevere, and overcome exciting challenges. Teamplay provides the sense of being part of something bigger, offering a role for everyone, and developing a sense of camaraderie among friends. Together, tactics and teamplay enable us to have great fun, overcome challenges, and develop friendships.


We are open and flexible. We do not follow concrete rules, but broad guidelines. Those that manage us are first among equals, acting for the common good of our members.


We expect that our members are polite and amicable. We foster a warm atmosphere that is characterised by friendly humour. We judge individuals by their conduct, not their age. We have no skill limit. We expect that members have a microphone. We tend to be active during European afternoon and evening hours. The crux is that we must all feel welcome and enjoy our time online.


We are flexible multigamers. We are responsive to the interests of our members, and developments in the gaming scene. From time to time, we tend to focus on particular games. Over our existence, we have played games ranging from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, to the Wargame series, Eve Online, and Rocket League. Our focus is to provide the most fun and sociable experience to our members, and so this guides our choice of games.